Farmers Fresh Choice is a Toowoomba based business that specializes in producing local organic & chemical-free foods and a variety of fermented foods.

Farmers Fresh Choice is a Toowoomba based business that manufactures products made with local, organic and chemical free ingredients.  Our specialty is creating a variety of unpasteurised, fermented products and naturally made preserves. These recipes are produced with a combination of deep-rooted traditional recipes and the modern day studies of micro-organisms.

Our fermented foods are produced using certified organic and chemical free produce which is packed into glass jars. The use of glass jars means no contact with any chemicals, and therefore toxicity, from plastic or metal/tin storage. Farmers Fresh Choice fermented foods are NOT PASTEURISED, and are made without the use of additional cultures.  The products are live and continuously fermenting, which naturally improves their own vitamin and mineral value.

Another difference we offer with our Fermented foods is in the taste, which including all the health benefits, keeps our customers coming back for more.

All our Fermented foods are made with produce that is grown by specifically chosen local organic growers from located around Toowoomba and the Darling Downs. So by purchasing from Farmers Fresh Choice you are also supporting local farmers and producers.

Why fermented foods?

Today’s science indicates that healthy life starts in the colon, with healthy intestinal function being the foundation of optimum health. To attain this, our intestines require a delicate balance of bacteria. One of the simplest ways to maintain this balance is via the regular consumption of foods that have undergone the process of  lacto-fermentation, as these contain beneficial flora.

Benefits of fermented foods?

Fermented foods also supply protein, minerals and other nutrients, including B vitamins and Omega-3fatty acids while supporting healthy immune systems. And in addition to nutritional fortification, they provide variety to starchy and bland diets.